OA Books Workouts. Scholars At Work

This series, hosted by Jeroen Sondervan, features different scholars talking about publishing Open Access books. Hear more about their projects, why they chose Open Access, and the challenges and triumphs they experienced along the way!

19 October 2021 (2-3PM BST / 3-4PM CEST): Janneke Adema, Living Books. Book your place here (it’s free!)

Series of online events exploring open access books projects published by scholars coming from different academic fields

About this event

The Open Access Books Network organises a series of online events where scholars from different academic fields will present their open access book project. During the session they will briefly present their project, followed by a conversation about how the project came to be an open access book and what challenges they’ve encountered. During this talk we will also dive into how technologies like new publishing software, workflow processes, book sprinting and open peer review have shaped the project. The audience is invited to join the conversation and share thoughts, ideas and good practices.

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