Cover concept by Eduardo Navas, Owen Gallagher and xtine burrough. Cover image: DJHughman

Eduardo Navas, Owen Gallagher and xtine burrough have again proven to be the main trendsetters where it concerns the field of remix studies with the publication of their second remix studies anthology, which has this time been framed around 24 essays all focused on a specific keyword of relevance to this burgeoning field. You can find more information about the book here, and it is for sale here.

I contributed a chapter on Cut-Up. You can find a postprint version of my essay in Humanities Commons’ CORE repository here.

This chapter explores the cut-up as an active, affirmative and performative technique; a critical intervention in the production of language and human subjectivity. It examines historical uses of cut-up methods, from the collages and cut-up works of the Dadaists and the Beat writers, back to the early modern practice of commonplacing books. It highlights the importance of technology–from the xerox machine to keyboard shortcuts—in opening up the reworking of words, sounds and visuals to a wider population. Finally, it explores how remix theory has been instrumental in engaging issues of authorship, originality, and ownership that cut-up practices pose.

‘Cut-up’, in: Navas, Eduardo, Owen Gallagher, and xtine burrough, eds. Keywords in Remix Studies. 1st edition. New York: Routledge, 2017.

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