Culture Machine Live

logocmgreyCulture Machine Live is a podcast series dedicated to discussions of culture and theory. As one of the editors of this series (alongside Clare Birchall, Gary Hall & Pete Woodbridge) I have been conducting interviews with media and cultural theorists. Culture Machine Live is an extension of the online, open access journal of culture, theory and technology, Culture Machine. Culture Machine Live, as a series of podcasts considers a range of issues including the digital humanities, Internet politics, the future of cultural studies, transparency, open access, cultural theory and philosophy. Interviewees and speakers include Chantal Mouffe, Geert Lovink, Alan Liu, and Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak.

Culture Machine Live is pleased to announce its latest episode:

‘Post-Digital Print and Networks of Independent Publishing: Alessandro Ludovico’

Interview with artist and media critic Alessandro Ludovico by Janneke Adema. The interview focuses on the post-digital print condition, print-digital hybrids, independent and networked publishing and the potential of post-digital print projects to question, disturb, and subvert existing hegemonic and exploitative practices and institutions.

You can find the whole series at:

This series is curated by Janneke Adema, Clare Birchall, Gary Hall & Pete Woodbridge

For more information about the online, open access journal Culture Machine, visit



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