Knowledge Remix in the Humanities and Social Sciences

“Process is the new god; not product. Anything that stands in the way of the perpetual mash-up and remix stands in the way of the digital revolution.”A Digital Humanities Manifesto

As I am at the moment researching new forms of scholarly communication in the Humanities and Social Sciences in the context of remix theory, closely connected also to the concepts of repetition and representation which I discussed (or rather struggled with) here and here, I found this project called Remediating the Canons which is using different kinds of media, texts, mappings and web routes in a collaborative approach, to explore new ways of knowledge dissemination. The little movie underneath, entitled “Inventing/Producing Columbus: A New Humanities Remix” made by Shannon Mondor and Angela Rounsaville, is actually a form of remix and a mashup (or as they call it a response video) of core texts of the aforementioned project in an attempt to explore some of the main concepts it uses, also trying to catch the process of incorporating and adapting these kind of concepts into a more finalized structure, thus trying to capture knowledge production as a process. You can find more information about the way the movie was set up and devised and the underlying thoughts and processes that resulted in its becoming here.


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